I had the opportunity to intern between Sept 2010 – Feb 2011 at InterfaceFLOR (Australia) as part of the Professional Experience Program (PEP) in the final year of my Bachelor of Design degree at COFA.

During the course of my internship, I gained a wonderful insight into the world of carpet and carpet tiles – so much so that the floor is now one of the very first things I notice upon entering a room. And if it happens to be carpet-tiled, I study it/ test myself to see if I can recognise one of InterfaceFLOR’s products. Suffice it to say, I will never look at carpet in the same way again!

As a design intern suddenly plunged into the world of carpet without any prior knowledge or background in the field, I spent the first few weeks of my internship understanding the product and its properties. Thanks to my incredibly friendly and helpful co-workers, I managed to steadily get a feel for this new material and the softwares that brought them to life on screen for clients.

My time at InterfaceFLOR was spent dabbling in a diverse range of activities – from general admin work including archiving of fresh carpet samples arriving from the factory, to preparing presentation boards for conferences and clients; from conceptualising 2D floor plans with product(s) for clients to creating room scene images with specified products for account managers. One project that I took on was to design various floor layouts for UNSW Health Services, which has since been implemented! I also designed various invites for in-house office functions, including the Christmas party invite and Thursday Night Drinks.

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