About Me

Hello & welcome to my portfolio website & blog!

I am a Graphic and  Textile (print) Designer based in Sydney, Australia. Having recently graduated, I am now on the lookout for exciting projects and new adventures!


{ Colour, pattern and print are my greatest loves. They offer a wealth of inspiration as they take me on a marvelous journey of self-discovery. But what gives me the greatest joy is when I begin to paint these stories. It is what I look forward to.

My goal is to design a visual language that I can share with like-minded individuals like yourself, who not only understand the passion for self-discovery but more importantly, that such passion must never end for it is life-giving.

My work is an infusion of my Indian upbringing and my experiences of other cultures, places, people and ideas that I have had the opportunity to come into contact with over the last several years. They come together in harmony and when combined, create something new, a hybrid, a new perspective, an altogether new way of seeing.

It is, thus, not simply about me but also about you. In short, it is about us.
This is my design philosophy. }

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. congratulation…..your designs are something I can relate to. Loved the Enu on Eden.makes me want to sit on that lovely sofa and read a book! You have blossomed Diya. God Bless.

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