Logo design for “Temple” is now live!

Been a little quiet lately but for good reasons, I promise!
Read on to see why!

It all started in June this year when I was approached by Temple’s founders, Shweta and Ananda, about a project to design a logo for their upcoming e-commerce business, an online homewares and lifestyle boutique, based in the UK. I was in India at the time, for a 2-week intense internship with Camilla Franks after having briefly worked as a Production Intern at her Head Office in Sydney. Shweta and Ananda found out about me after approaching Bhavna Bhatnagar, author of the well-known interior design/decoration blog, An Indian Summer. They were captivated by the logo and felt the overall style and aesthetic was one that would match the type of business they were looking to establish.

Now, it’s not every day that you receive an email or phone call from someone from another part of the world contacting you because they like your work. Emerging designers, like myself, know all too well how much time, energy and perseverance it takes to make even the tiniest mark in the design space. So when someone, a complete stranger, takes the time to tell you how much they appreciate your work, that it makes a difference, the impact is tremendous. It’s why we do what we do. Indeed, it’s why I do, what I do.

Shweta and I discussed at length about what she was looking for as a visual identity for her e-business, Temple. We were on the same wavelength from the start, which came as no surprise thanks to our mutual love for India and its rich history of craft traditions, vibrant and so incredibly diverse, but more importantly, the drive to want to share it with other like-minded individuals and the wider community.

I found this project most enjoyable because I was working on subject matter that was and continues to be of interest to me. I am happy to say that the project successfully concluded about a month ago and the logo is now live on templeboutique.co.uk. Temple has also featured my blog on their ‘Temple Tweeps‘ page – thank you Temple!

The chosen logo [pictured below] was inspired by traditional Indian temple jewellery, with a modern twist. It looks at taking a traditional semi-circular form of a necklace/pendant and juxtaposing it with simple, cut-out shapes reminiscent of paper cut-outs.


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