Branding taken to another level

Here’s some exciting news!

It was some time in October of last year that Bellwood approached me about a project which involved designing their brand identity. What first began as a small and fun project has now blossomed into a strong partnership. In keeping with the ever-evolving brand that is Bellwood, it was important that the visual identity be dynamic and offer a fresh and unique perspective on design.

Recently, the work that I did for Bellwood captured the attention of Sydney-based rug company, Tappeti. Through a collaboration with Bellwood, they have now produced 2 rugs from the Bellwood brand identity (see below) which are being launched at this year’s Saturday inDesign in Melbourne (17-18 August)! Thereafter, the rugs will be available at Tappeti for purchase.

Bellwood has also very kindly featured me on their website, which you can find here at, Visual Language by Diya Dasgupta. Thank you Bellwood!


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