Inspiration in Coogee

It’s a somewhat atypical cloudy Saturday in Sydney, but perfect for blogging to groovy Michael Franks-esque jazzy tunes! Today I bring to you some inspiration from Coogee. Think: a warm, glowing sun; soft sand on your feet; cool, shimmering waters; an air of relaxation and the leisurely passing of time. This is the life! And if you need more coaxing, then imagine this: the salty sea air enveloping you whilst you gaze at a gorgeous, flowing blanket of blue – it’s these simple pleasures that are truly revitalizing.

I visited Coogee on Friday, for the first time in the 4 years I’ve been in Sydney (yes, shocking, I know!). The destination was a homewares shop called LivedIn Coogee. My first thought as I walked in was how inviting and open the atmosphere was. The laid-back, effortless beach-vibe chic with its understated charm and sophistication makes for a unique retail experience. The store houses an eclectic mix of objects (both modern and vintage), from jewellery to ceramics, textiles to little trinkets, mirrors and carved wood blocks to bath products and scented candles – there’s something for everyone here! Objects are hand-selected by the store’s owner Vanessa Kidwell, an interior stylist, who carefully sources beautiful, unique pieces from faraway places such as Morocco, France, Africa & India. This is ethnic with a contemporary twist – just the way I like it!

I’m also very excited to announce that Vanessa and I will be working together over the next few weeks/months on a fresh brand identity for LivedIn – something that captures its essence and reflects the values and aesthetics of its owner. Stay tuned!

[All photographic imagery copyright of Vanessa Kidwell of LivedIn Coogee]


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