Food & Photography

Close to a month ago, I helped a talented fellow creative, Katherine Roman-Miller (who also happens to be a good friend of mine), with her final year University project, by being the designated photographer. The task brought 2 of my favourite things together – food and photography. Talk about an offer I couldn’t refuse!

The first task was to photograph food being prepared, cooked and packed in the containers, ready to be swapped later. The second task was to then photograph a group of friends enjoying a communal food swap experience, facilitated through the use of beautiful, hand-made tote bags, carrying containers of delicious home-cooked meals. Are you hooked? This food swap initiative, entitled Wholemeals, is a fun and easy solution for young individuals, living out of home, to get together and “add variety to [their] mid-week meals”.

We scheduled the ‘shoot’ for a Thursday afternoon, in Katherine’s backyard. Surrounded by lush greenery, gorgeous summer flowers beaming in the afternoon sun, the distant but mellow chirping of birds in the background, not to mention an incredibly attractive table setting displaying Katherine’s swap totes and a rather enticing assortment of treats and nibblies. I’m afraid ‘perfect’ doesn’t even begin to describe such a scene! Take a look!

[All photographic imagery under copyright of Diya Dasgupta]

If you like what you see, then head to Katherine’s portfolio website where you can view her other projects and get in touch!

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