My logo design for “An Indian Summer” goes live!

Yes, this is my first blog post and I can hardly contain my excitement!
Read on to see why…

I’ve been a big fan of interior design blog, An Indian Summer, for quite some time now and so in July of this year, when its lovely owner, Bhavna, extended an invitation for designers and other creatives to propose a visual identity for the blog, I figured this was an experience I simply could not pass up! Here was an opportunity for me to be a part of a blog that I absolutely adore and to create something that came from the heart – truly!

I was the lucky one amongst several talented people. My design got chosen and is now live! I am also one lucky gal because Bhavna not only showcased the new logo in all its glory but also was gracious enough to showcase a selection of my work here for all to see!

As an emerging designer, I cannot explain how exciting this is. All I can say is what a fantastic experience this was. Working with a client (my first ‘real’ client!) long-distance was something I had never experienced before – thank goodness for skype! And although the time difference proved, at times, to be somewhat cumbersome, it was great working with someone who shared a passion for design and traditional craftsmanship.

So, without further ado, below are some of the designs I worked on between August & mid-October. The final design Bhavna honed in on can be seen on An Indian Summer and in the Graphic Design section of this website.

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